MMM Gifts – March 2017

Thank you to our Sponsors!

LX Essentials (*LX*), Essenz, Caboodle

Wicca’s Wardrobe, Lybra

LX Essentials – optional add on HUDs available

Essenz - Midnight Madness March


Caboodle - Jolene LeotardCaboodle – optional add on HUDs available

Wiccas’ Wardrobe – optional color HUDs available


Lybra – optional color HUDs available


Cynful – optional add on color HUD available

Meva – optional add on HUDs available

Salt & Pepper – optional color add on HUDs available

Pure Poison

Warm Animations



12 thoughts on “MMM Gifts – March 2017

    1. For the links, you have to go to the Group notices and wear the HUD. Also, you can look for the shops in search, and you can find it that way too. The HUD is nice. It’s my first time doing this.


    1. You’re funny, talking all time about reducings scripts and ARC and then offering a HUD with 14 scripts and additional ARC.
      Landmarks are great. Fast, informative (about), secure (dont need permissions), working in noscript areas and so on.


      1. Damn someone sounds ungrateful. Easy way to do it is to rip out the LMs from the hud itself if you’re really that concerned or that anal. You seem to forget these creators are doing this for free and you’re griping about not being spoonfed lms. Please.

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